5 July 2022

SiVEST TRAINING ACADEMY Training, mentoring and coaching of mentees toward professional registration

There is a great need for mentorship of and support for graduates working within the spheres of project management and engineering both in corporate and government organisations. At SiVEST Training Academy we have been offering personalized and professional training and support programmes for 15 years and continue to develop the programmes in terms of content and methodology as local and international best practices change.

There is a growing need currently for development of Project Management skills and SiVEST Training Academy has developed a 3-year mentorship program taking candidates toward registration with SACPCMP. Our mentoring programme extends to assisting, coaching and mentoring of working graduates with candidates from both Private and Public Sector organisations.

Project Management training courses which are ECSA and SACPCMP accredited are integrated into the mentorship programme to develop the project management skills of the candidates.

The majority of our candidates who have applied for professional registrations and accreditation have achieved successful registration.

The SACPCMP Mentorship Programme in SiVEST is headed by Steve Leach who is registered as a PrCPM SACPCMP and appointed as an Assessor reviewing and assessing the competency ahead of possible interviews as the final step in the registration applications.

We have expanded our mentorship/ training programme to include ECSA registration and Quality Management Systems. Our mentorship programme is tailor-made for each client so that training can align and respond to a company’s strategic objectives and legal requirements in the long term.

Throughout our training programme we continually assess the requirements and objectives of each candidate. Our facilitators monitor any constraints to achieving each objective and evaluate and supervise the progress.


We design and put in place the training programme in line with the identification of work set by each registering body and provide a reporting function on each candidate’s progress. This may include adjusted training plans and supplementary training where necessary. Each candidate receives the required support and guidance, completing of logbooks, skills modules and other submissions. We are committed to your process toward professional registration.

Mentorship is an effective, long-term relationship focused on career development and professional growth. We believe that a programme where we invest in the mentorship of each individual brings sustainable and positive advancement in work place performance and personal competence.

Our programme focusses on both training and skills development. We believe that constant interaction between our facilitator and the client team leads to a greater understanding of the content, intention and application of each discipline. Our ‘live’ scenario role-playing encourages critical and creative thinking as we rehearse case studies, work stages and practice areas.

SiVEST provides training and mentoring to organisations both inside and outside South Africa.

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